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Why wear red on Thursday


Why We Wear RED on THURSDAYS???

The History of Wearing RED:

The idea of wearing RED as a sign of Solidarity began at the Communications Workers of America in 1989. It began as a movement out of love for a brother who lost his life to a SCAB. Tricia McNamara had to get to work and drove through the line of picketers.

In her desperation, this summer-hire SCAB struck down Brother Gerry Horgan. He gave his life for what he believed in, for what he loved, for what he lived for. He wanted what we all want, a good life for his wife, his children, and his friends. Local 1103 in Westchester County N.Y. lost a Brother that day. A wife lost her husband and two little girls lost their daddy to Corporate GREED. This greed still exists today. The members of that Local wore RED for the first time in Unity for Brother Gerry Horgan.

That display of Unity is what CWA members are supposed to be all about. Is it too much to ask that we wear RED on Thursdays, to say with a color or your voice “I’m Proud To Be A Union Member, I’m Proud To Be With CWA!”? Remember, wear RED on Thursday, and please remember Brother Gerry Horgan! We wear RED on Thursdays, and we encourage all working people to wear RED on Thursdays, too, because every working person deserves a good paying job with benefits.


Thank you local 2108 for this article

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